What Do You Wanna Do (When You Grow Up)?

I’ve read a lot of advice like “Start With Why” and stuff like that.

But nothing really resonated. It sounded great in theory, but it felt like something was missing.

Instead what would’ve helped is if someone told me to “Start with Who”.

Not who I want to become. But who I want to help.

Check this out.

Thank You for Being Present with Me

My jiu-jitsu coach always made sure that we thanked our sparring partner.

Otherwise, you have no partner, and you’re rolling by yourself.

So thank you to my friends, my family (at times), and the people I’ve met that I didn’t click with or didn’t like. Thank you for showing up with intention to be here now.

Money Buys Things

The reality is that money is tied to my most basic needs.

The more I have up to a certain point, the better standard of living I can afford. 

Money is not my end goal. But it sure feels good to be able to pay rent when the rent’s due.